Natal Chart:

Gives the position of the stars and planets at birth
A tool to better understand yourself
Psychological profile of your strengths and weaknesses
Great insight into your personality and your temperament

Transit :

How are planets influencing events for you?
What’s coming up this year?
What challenges can you look forward to?
Looking back on past events

Solar Return Chart:

Your astrological ‘New Year’
Energies and influences for the year

For who?

For yourself
Your child
Your couple


In person
Via Skype
CD sent by mail after the session



Lise Caron uses a humanistic approach to astrology. She brings both a psychological and a spiritual dimension to her interpretation of astrology.

The astrological signs in your natal chart help detect psychological patterns in your personality. The spiritual dimension describes the destiny and the lessons that have to be learned in this life.

Astrology is a fabulous tool that helps us better understand ourselves. The Natal Chart is an X-ray of a person’s personality and temperament. It helps you to become aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

Astrology won’t predict the future, but as one client has stated, the astrological consultation gave her great insight into her personality and helped her make clearer and better choices in her life.

Lise Caron also offers therapeutic support for clients who would like to work through a difficult period. Personal insight gained through the understanding of your natal chart, facilitates the therapeutic process. Therapy helps to overcome obstacles that stop you from fulfilling your full potential.

Astrology and therapy are important allies in your personal growth.


A person’s will decides, but astrology can show the way.