Natal Chart:

Gives the position of the stars and planets at birth
A tool to better understand yourself
Psychological profile of your strengths and weaknesses
Great insight into your personality and your temperament

Transit :

How are planets influencing events for you?
What’s coming up this year?
What challenges can you look forward to?
Looking back on past events

Solar Return Chart:

Your astrological ‘New Year’
Energies and influences for the year

For who?

For yourself
Your child
Your couple


In person
Via Skype
CD sent by mail after the session

Lise Caron - Astrologer, Therapist


I am very happy to welcome you to my web site.

I would like to share with you how important I think astrology is.

Astrology is a great tool that helps us understand one’s basic nature.

Each birth chart is unique and reveals our inner strengths and weaknesses.

Astrology studies the influences the planets have had on our childhood and on our present situation.

It can also help us make sense of our present life and guide us in decisions concerning our future.

For people who have a lot of questions, astrology can make sense of these and of your life.

Astrology can also help guide parents in raising their children. Astrology can, for example, tell you if your child has aptitudes as an artist or in sports. This helps you encourage the natural talents of your child.

Astrology can also help your relationship as a couple. Your couple’s composite chart can show where your strengths lie and also where tensions might exist in your relationship.

Astrology can help us to better understand who we are and can give us a different view of our life, our loved ones and our life purpose.

I would be happy to guide you in this new discovery of yourself in a safe and secure environment.


I am very please to make my web-site available to you ! You can reach me by email at: