Natal Chart:

Gives the position of the stars and planets at birth
A tool to better understand yourself
Psychological profile of your strengths and weaknesses
Great insight into your personality and your temperament

Transit :

How are planets influencing events for you?
What’s coming up this year?
What challenges can you look forward to?
Looking back on past events

Solar Return Chart:

Your astrological ‘New Year’
Energies and influences for the year

For who?

For yourself
Your child
Your couple


In person
Via Skype
CD sent by mail after the session

Lise Caron’s Biography


ise Caron has always been fascinated by human behaviour and has found in Astrology a way to better understand it.

She first obtained her B.A. in Social Sciences from the Université de Moncton in 1976.

In 1979, she took her first astrology class in Ottawa. From the very beginning, she was captivated by astrology. Afterwards, wanting to know more, she took courses for the next 10 years in Canada and the United States.

In 1982, she opened her practice as an astrologer. She continues to attend lectures and workshops.

In 1991, still fascinated by human behaviour and wanting to know more, she trained as a therapist. She has a diploma from the Centre de Relation d’Aide de Montréal in 1993.

Lise Caron is a great communicator and she has the capacity to translate complex ideas in simple language. Her desire to share her knowledge brought her to sharing her ideas on the radio and to write various articles for different magazines.

After living and working in Montreal for over 30 years, Lise has returned to her natal New Brunswick to continue her practise in astrology.

The planets are not to blame.
I believe that our lives are not controlled by things out there, but by our thoughts and attitude.
The planets only reflect what is going on, like a mirror.

Donna Cunningham